Intensity Fuels Malychewski Brothers

Camas siblings bring out the best in each other in order to help Papermakers to new heights. “We grew up with each other, and we had older brothers,” Samuel Malychewski said. “We developed that competitive attitude. I’m not holding back anything, nor is he holding back against me. Instincts take over. There are times he does something to agitate me and I’ll react. Then I do things to him and he’ll react. That’s just part of life.” Life on the wrestling mat at least. Read more here Clark County TODAY

No Longer a Mill Town

An industry that once defined the town of Camas, Washington, is coming to an end. Last month, Georgia-Pacific announced it will close most of its production at the 134-year-old paper mill.

The Camas High School auditorium is Home to the Papermakers. The school’s mascot is called the Mean Machine, an animated paper roll machine that’s a nod to the town’s paper making history. It was around 7 p.m. on a recent Thursday night. A group of students streamed past the trophy cases along the wall and joined the packed stands for the Camas High School varsity basketball team’s season opener. Parents and locals mingled and snacked on bags of popcorn, eager to cheer on a school that has come to symbolize Camas pride. This is the home of the Papermakers. Read more at OPB

Little Shop of Horrors Auditions

Little Shop of Horrors is a musical sci-fi comedy/horror show about a man-eating plant from outer space, and it’s plot to take over the world by manipulating a meek flower shop clerk named Seymore Krelbourne. Plenty of roles for leads, supporting cast, and chorus available – including a plant-wrangling puppeteer!

Audition info and materials will be available on Mr. Kelly’s Blog. Stay tuned for details!

Jaden Kim Honored by Local VFW

Magnet sophomore Jaden Kim debated the effort to reward ratio when he considered the extra credit writing assignment Mr. Greene offered in early November via the annual Volunteers of Foreign Wars (VFW) essay contest.  In the end, Mr. Kim decided it was worth it.

Little did he know when he submitted his essay that (besides getting the opportunity to reflect deeply on the role of our veterans past and future) his efforts would also earn him a $250 dollar honorarium for his 3rd place essay based on the following prompt: “American History: Our Hope for the Future.” Read more here.