PlaySmart Heart Screening Event

A big thank you to every teacher, office secretary, admin, and nurse for helping to facilitate the PlaySmart heart screening event this week. It truly was a team effort that couldn’t have taken place without cooperation from everyone. From printing off flyers, to setting aside class time to spread the word, to coordinating with other staff, to preparing messages to be sent home, everyone in this building had some sort of role in making this the most successful 2 days of heart screenings that PlaySmart has EVER conducted! So thank you, everyone!

PlaySmart, who has screened over 15,000 students over the past four years at over 130 high and middle schools in the Portland Metro area, has never had a day where they have screened more than 200 students… until they came to Camas. Today we screened 229 students in 6.5 hours, shattering Union’s record of 201 in 8 hours set last month. In all, we screened 423 students over 2 days, another record for a 2 day event.

Jake Howell, ATC/L
CHS Head Athletic Trainer, Sports Medicine Instructor