Everett St. Project will Impact CHS Traffic

Northshore Sewer Transmission System:
Construction Begins Monday, May 8

Construction of the Northshore Sewer Transmission System Project will begin on Monday, May 8, in the area of 19th Avenue and Franklin Street. Construction activities will include bypass pumping and sewer installation starting at 19th between Franklin and Everett, proceeding north on Everett between 19th and 23rd, and west on 23rd Ave between Everett and Birch.

During construction, 19th Ave will be closed (local access only) from May 8 through May 17. No pedestrian access will be allowed on NE 19th between Everett St and Franklin St during this time.

  • The Elementary school crossing guard will continue to assist students crossing Everett St at 19th Ave. Elementary students will then proceed north on Everett St until they reach NE 22nd Ave, where they will turn right and continue on NE 22nd Ave to Helen Baller Elementary School.
  • Middle and high school students may continue to cross at all three available pedestrian crossings on ¬†Everett St, unless otherwise directed by construction personnel.

Work will continue in the area along Everett St and 23rd Avenue through May 31st at which time construction will continue north along Everett towards Leadbetter Road and 43rd Ave. Work will  take place from 7AM to 7 PM.

For more information, visit www.cityofcamas.us/projects or contact Sam Adams, City Utilities Manager, at 360.817.7377 or northshore@cityofcamas.us