Green Initiatives at CHS

  1. TREX Challenge – we are collecting plastic bags and plastic film. Here are some examples of the materials we are collecting. We are currently in 2nd place in the competition behind Battle Ground HS. We’ve currently collected just over 1000 lbs of plastic. If you have any of this material, you can bring it to 703, 803, or the main office. Or, you can send me an email and I will send a kiddo to collect. It would be awesome to surpass last year’s collection of 2000 lbs!
  2. Marker Recycling – We are collecting dead markers (expo, Crayola, etc). If you have some that you would like us to collect, please let me know. A few classrooms requested a large Ziploc to leave in their classroom for these dead markers to go. If you’d like a bag, I can have a student deliver.  
  3. Waste Busters – You can sign the pledge to reduce waste in your life and at CHS. Join the Camas High School group on the Waste Busters website.
  4. We are also encouraging students to carpool – you may have seen some of these posters around the school.