Skills USA



Our ASB club is for all members of CamTech.  Our club supports several teams* and cultural and softskills** activities. There are no club dues to be a member of our ASB club.

See the link for our Camas SkillsUSA Local Constitution.  This also serves as our Club constitution. The officers are: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Parliamentarian, and one Representative from each of the six Lab Strands.  ***


SkillsUSA, SciOly, FRC MeanMachine among many others are active competitive teams that our club supports.  Many of the teams we support do have their own dues – speak with representatives of these clubs to learn about club dues, activities, schedules and requirements.


Our “game nights”, overnighters and some field trips are examples of Club activities.  Some are free, some charge a minimum expenses fee.  Scholarships are available – please ask a teacher.


Duties of Officers

President …

  • Prepare an agenda prior to the meeting.
  •  Call the meeting to order and preside at the business meeting.
  • Use parliamentary procedure to guide members in a smoothly run meeting.
  • Appoint committees, unless otherwise decided by club action.
  • Guide meetings in a courteous, tactful way. Avoid talking too much. The meeting belongs to the members. The president is only the “pilot” and should avoid giving an opinion on subjects under discussion.
  • Delegate responsibilities among members so that everyone has a job in the club at one time or another.
  • Arrange to have another person, usually the vice president, run the meeting and inform the club leader if you cannot attend.
  • Discuss the agenda and other club business with the secretary, club leaders and other officers before the regular meeting.
  • Arrange for minutes to be taken when the secretary is absent.
  • Show courtesy to guests and introduce them to the club at the beginning of the meeting.
  • Check on the progress of each committee and Lab Strand Section. Ask for a report from the chairpersons and Representatives  frequently. It is very important that committee chairs inform the club members about upcoming events.
  • Check with officers about program plans and activities individually or at officer meetings.

Vice-President …

  • Serve as chairperson of the program planning committee.
  • Be familiar with the president’s duties in case the president is absent.
  • When asked, represent the club at ASB events, civic meetings, other youth organization meetings and even state and national events.
  • Check on meeting arrangements, such as seating, lighting, temperature and location, and be responsible for club equipment.
  • As chairperson of the program planning committee, the vice president is to:
    • Guide the committee who plans the program for each club meeting, including what will happen when and who will be responsible.
    • Consider the interests and ideas of all club members as the committee makes plans.
    • Delegate responsibility and tasks to other committees. For example, the recreation committee might be responsible for planning the songs and games of each meeting.
    • Submit the committee’s program recommendations to the club. Members then accept the program unchanged as submitted or with changes approved by the members.

Secretary …

  • Keep complete and accurate record of all meetings including membership rolls, minutes and final reports that are required by ASB.
  • Call roll and read the minutes of the last meeting.
  • Read correspondence sent to the club and reply when appropriate.
  • Call the meeting to order and preside when both president and vice president are absent.
  • Keep website up to date with current club events.
  • Informs media of club events and results.

Treasurer …

  • Keep accurate account of all money received and paid out.
  • Deposit money in our ASB account and write purchase order  requests and credit card requests with the club’s approval.
  • Submit a budget in the spring of each year for ASB approval.
  • Recommend needed purchases.
  • Give the treasurer’s report at the meetings.
  • Work with the adult leader to complete ASB and SkillsUSA forms.

Parliamentarian …

  • Becomes knowledgeable about basic parliamentary procedure.
  • Brings a copy of Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised, to all chapter meetings.
  • Provides recommendations to the presiding officer regarding the conduct of chapter meetings.
  • Advises chapter members about the use of parliamentary procedure.
  • Conducts workshops for chapter members upon request

Lab Strand Representative … (one for each of the six Lab Strands)

  • Presides over and conducts meetings of Lab Strand committee.
  • Takes leadership role in working with other committee members.
  • Coordinates committee meetings and activities with chapter advisor.
  • Keeps committee meetings and activities on task.
  • Reports committee progress and motions at chapter meetings.