Picture this in your mind…
You walk across the graduation stage wearing your CamTech sponsored Cord and Sash, your personal CamTech Strand Certificate, reference letters from your Mentor and CamTech Staff. You’ve done it! You now have that big advantage over most students in preparing for your future after high school, because you have already started.

Requirements to remain in CamTech:

  • Maintain an overall G.P.A. of 2.1 or higher
  • Consistently demonstrate gracious professionalism at school and when representing Camas School District
  • Progress at grade level through your chosen CamTech Lab/Strand.

Requirements to graduate with CamTech honors:

  1. Complete 2.0 credits in one or more Lab/Strands
    * 1st of 2 requirements for graduation and receiving the Honors Cord
  2. Complete an approved Senior CamTech Project and present it at our spring Showcase night.
    * 2nd of 2 requirements for graduation and receiving the Honors Cord
    Note: Senior Projects can be your CamTech Project but the focus has to be in one of our core strand areas.

    • If you choose to do an Internship for your Senior Project it should be related to one of our core strand areas and approved by both a CamTech staff member and Senior Project Coordinator.
  3. Optional but encouraged: Participate in a recognized student organization (CTSO) that sponsors a competitive event(s). SkillsUSA, FIRST Robotics, Science Olympiad, DECA, Knowledge Bowl, Imagine It!
    * Required participation to receive the Graduation Honors Sash
  4. It’s highly suggested as a Senior you enroll in our CamTech Seminar course to support work related to your CamTech Project.