Students please complete this student Internship Interest Form to start the process so we can assist you with getting started. If you already have a business or company you’ve arranged to do an internship with, do not complete this form.

Mentors and Organizations:

If you are considering offering an internship opportunity for a CamTech student, please contact David Johnson or Derek Jaques at Camas School District. We follow very closely the process as set up with the MST Magnet program, and with the same paperwork and assurances.  Internships require a designated Site Supervisor at your site, a background check of that supervisor, and a site qualification visit.  Like MST Magnet, our internships require an associated project. Unlike MST Magnet, the breadth of our acceptable projects are wider in scope.  Please contact one of us for more information.  Thank you.


Complete this enrollment application  form, and forward to Mr. Williams at CHS (Lab 504).

Requirements for an Internship sponsored by CamTech:

  • your internship occurs either in the summer between your junior and senior years – or – during your senior year with an early out, or double early out.
  • your internship is related to your Lab/Strand area of emphasis
  • your internship is related to your Camas Senior Project
  • you are helping solve a problem for yourself or your mentor organization
  • you complete all paperwork on time and accurately
  • you meet with your Internship Coordinator regularly
  • you represent with gracious professionalism Camas School District and your mentoring organization

dividerline_red4Speaking of your Camas Senior Project

Your CamTech Senior Project and your Camas Senior project are one and the same thing.

And both are normally a part of your Internship.

And even better, if you choose Business/Engineering Communications in your senior year, you get help with writing and presenting your project, while earning your senior English and CWI credit.  What could be better than that?


Internship Forms and Paperwork (available now)

Schedule of Activities For Student and Parent/Guardian

  • Application for internship
  • Transportation and Insurance
  • Learning Plan
  • Learning Agreement
  • Evaluation
  • Site Introduction
  • Senior Project Hours Log

For Mentor

  • Background Check
  • Site Evaluation