Everyone takes the ninth grade introductory course titled Foundations, wherein the student learns organizational skills useful for high school and career, some basic business/entrepreneurship skills, and an introduction to each of the six Lab/Strand emphasis areas of CamTech in a problem-solving-project learning mode.

puzzle_pathsThen each student chooses a Lab/Strand emphasis area for their Sophomore and Junior years, completing at least two year-long courses.

In their Senior year students complete their final project with support from the Senior Problem Seminar course, and optionally from their Business/Engineering Communications course.

There are many options to earning your CamTech CHS Certificate.– speak with your counselor or any of the staff in our Pathway.


The Six Lab/Strand emphasis areas, along with their course descriptions from the CHS forecasting guide, are:

Architecture Lab

Applications Programming Lab

Visual Communications Lab

Design Engineering Lab

Fab Lab

Robotics Engineering Lab


Ninth Grade Foundation Course.for 2105-2016 School Year is made up of either Focus and Intro to Tech A, each one semester long


Intro to Tech A and Intro to Tech B, each one semester long


FRESHMAN FOCUS (Ninth grade only)

Credit: .50 (Semester)  Occupational Ed requirement
Prerequisite:   None

This required class assists students with a smooth transition from middle school to Camas High School. Students will learn strategies for success in high school and beyond, develop technical skills, and explore career and educational options after high school. Students will also learn PowerPoint skills via Microsoft’s eLearning program. This includes taking the Microsoft certification test in PowerPoint. If the test is passed, students are considered a Microsoft Specialist in PowerPoint 2010 and earn the seal which can be added to resumes and college applications.



Credit: .50 (Semester) or 1.00 (Year)  Occupational Ed., Elective
Prerequisite:   None; Fee $10/semester; Highly recommended for entry level into Technology Programs

This introductory course will consist of six week sections on each of selections from the following technical areas: Digital Design, Digital Photography, Engineering & CAD, Web Page Design, Video Production, Robotics, Game Programming, and Computer Animation.


For those who qualify for a CamTech sponsored internship this school year:

Credit: 0.5 (every 90 or 180 hours) Occ. Ed., Elective – repeatable
Prerequisite:   16 years or older, and Teacher Coordinator permission

Earn school credit for working or interning outside of school, or keeping your own late-start or early release schedule. Students will receive credit based on their performance at the work or internship site, completion of school assignments and paperwork related to the program, and a minimum of 90 or 180 hours (depends on your other CTE courses) of documented time per semester credit. This course may be started anytime during the school year.


Senior CamTech Problem Seminar Course

for 2015-2015 combined with Advanced Engineering projects, and titled as:

Credit: 1.00 (Year)  or .50  (Semester) Occupational Ed., Elective
Prerequisite:    Instructor’s approval: At least Sophomore standing: Fee $10/semester

This course will allow students to choose and pursue interests in a variety of technical areas. Some students may choose to learn about computer repair/construction, service and networking… while others may choose a more individualized technical area of study and skill development. Example areas might include; Computer Animation, Video Production, Graphic Design, Website Design, 3D Modeling, CAD/Architecture, Scale Modeling, Computer Programming, Audio Engineering, Woodworking/Cabinetry and Medals/Machining.