Design Engineering Lab

So, you want to create new things to improve the quality of life? Join us in the world of engineering as we create and build prototypes.

Courses Available
** Core Strand course required


Credit: .50 (Semester) Occupational Ed., Elective
Prerequisite: None; Lab Fee  $10

Students will learn the technical skills relating to creating three-dimensional model images using computer software programs like Rhino, Auto-Desk’s Inventor, and Blender. Students will be designing vehicles, buildings/structures, and a variety of consumer related products. Additional elective opportunities will be provided allowing students the option of designing models of their own choice. Physical proto-types of some design models will be built using shop related and 3D printing equipment.


Credit: 1.00 (Year) or .50 (Semester) Occupational Ed., Fine Arts Elective
Prerequisite: None; Fee $10/semester

This course will focus on designing a variety of web sites, while learning how to apply creative interfaces, digital graphic image editing, functional site organization, and logical navigation. More emphasis will be on the practical design of web pages rather than on coding. The class will be using the web authoring software Macromedia Studio (Dreamweaver8, Fireworks8, Flash8) to create pages.


Credit: 1.00 (Year ) Occupational Ed., Fine Arts, Elective
3 college credits may be earned at Clark College for this class through a vocational articulation program if completing a two full credits.
Prerequisite: Computer application or art skills

This course is designed for students interested in Graphic & Printing communications and students interested in design or the printing field. Units of study are designed around hands on training in all possible aspects of the industry. Leadership, safety, careers and graphics history will be covered.


Credit: .50 (Semester) Occupational Ed., Elective, repeatable
Prerequisite: None; Fee $10/semester

This course is for any student who plans on pursuing a career in engineering and/or CADD (Computer Aided Design & Drafting). Problem solving and a variety of engineering skills will be set in motion with students designing and building solutions in engineering related problems in our CADD and Fabrication labs.


((AKA Adv. Engineering Problems))
Credit: 1.00 (Year) or .50 (Semester) Occupational Ed., Elective
Perquisite: Instructor’s approval: At least Sophomore standing: Fee $10/semester

This course will allow students to choose and pursue interests in a variety of technical areas. Some students may choose to learn about computer repair/construction, service and networking… while others may choose a more individualized technical area of study and skill development. Example areas might include; Computer Animation, Video Production, Graphic Design, Website Design, 3D Modeling, CAD/Architecture, Scale Modeling, Computer Programming, Audio Engineering, Woodworking/Cabinetry and Medals/Machining.