Robotics Engineering Lab

So, you want to work with these new tools that are quickly becoming a part of our lives, everywhere we look? Repair them? Design them? Create new processes using them? Or, just understand them so you can control them? Come join us in Robotics Engineering lab to get started in Mechanical Engineering or Electrical Engineering and programming.
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Check out our Robotics website for much more info on what we do in Robotics at Camas High School.

Courses Available
** = core required course


Credit: 1.0 (Year 1A & 1B) Occupational Ed.
Prerequisite: At grade level in Mathematics. Fee $10

Students will learn to build and program robots. This is an introductory course designed to familiarize the student with robotics, programming, documentation, and engineering concepts in a problem-solving environment. Course 1A covers the basics of sensors, end effectors, movement, controllers and problem solving. Course 1B continues on to the use of robots in industrial settings, in hazardous situations, and in conducting experiments. Individualized projects are likely in 1B.


ROBOTICS & ENGINEERING 2 **Core Strand Required Course**
Credit: 1.00 (Year) Occupational Ed.
Prerequisite: Robotics Engineering 1 or permission

Physics of robotics and engineering; advanced programming in C; possible preparation for robotics challenges with other schools; building robots to solve specific problems, and designing/constructing specialized parts for robotics; individualized, team-based projects are likely.


((AKA Advanced Engineering Projects))
Credit: 1.00 (Year) or .50 (Semester) Occupational Ed., Elective
Perquisite: Instructor’s approval: At least Sophomore standing: Fee $10/semester

This course will allow students to choose and pursue interests in a variety of technical areas. Some students may choose to learn about computer repair/construction, service and networking… while others may choose a more individualized technical area of study and skill development. Example areas might include; Computer Animation, Video Production, Graphic Design, Website Design, 3D Modeling, CAD/Architecture, Scale Modeling, Computer Programming, Audio Engineering, Woodworking/Cabinetry and Medals/Machining.


Credit: 1.00 (Year) Occupational Ed.
Prerequisite: Robotics Engineering 2 or an Intro to Computer Science course, and have completed Geometry, or permission.

Students will learn programming in Java as they prepare for the AP Computer Science test. While most of our programming projects will be completed in class, students should have access to a computer and internet at home capable of running a current Java integrated development environment, and comfortable with high-school level electronic communication.