Thank you…

… TO the approximately 60 families who attended our parent info meeting last night and lasted through our over-long presentation.  We ARE passionate about this opportunity.

… TO the many folks who asked questions last night.  Several more items were added to our FAQ – thanks again everyone for asking the questions!.

… TO the core CamTech staff who gave up an evening to share our passion.

… TO the 61 students (and their parents) who have completed the interest survey as step one to get into CamTech. Response emails have been sent out Sunday to all applicants  – if you did not get one by Sunday 7:00pm, email right away.

Note that anyone may forecast for most of the courses in CamTech. We expect to hold another admission period near mid-term of first semester next year.


Welcome to CamTech

Are you wanting to change the world?  Do you like to solve problems using your mind or your hands?  Do you like working with people?  Do you want to go beyond being graded on what you know   …   To what you can do?        …

reminderInformational Meeting – Thursday March 5
From 7:30 to 8:30 pm      CHS North Commons

“CamTech Pathway”

The framework for the program is as follows…

In ninth grade you take the ninth grade introductory course titled Foundations (composed of the three classes: Intro to Technology, Focus, and Health), wherein the student learns organizational skills useful for high school and career, some basic business/entrepreneurship skills, develops healthy lifestyle habits, and completes an introduction to each of the six Lab/Strand emphasis areas of CamTech in a problem-solving-project learning mode.

Then each student chooses a Lab/Strand emphasis area for their Sophomore and Junior years, completing at least two year-long courses in one strand.

In their Senior year, students complete their final project with support from the Senior “Computer Tech & Independent Technology” course, and optionally from their Business Communications course.

There are many options to earning your CHS CamTech Certificate of Proficiency. For example, instead of Foundations (Intro to Technology), students who completed the year-long Tech course at Liberty or Skyridge can step immediately into their Lab/Strand sequence if they desire, and their 8th Tech teacher approves. Your first year of IAA, or of MST can also replace CamTech foundations.  Please speak with your counselor or any of the staff in our CamTech Pathway to learn more about options.

CamTech Foundations (9th Grade)
Year-long course that introduces students to all of the CamTech Strands, and to the CamTech Senior Problem Seminar process and deliverables. This course may be waived if a student has met the requirements in 8th grade Tech or another introductory problem-solving based course, such as MST Magnet, Integrated Arts and Academics, Marketing DECA or FACSE.
CamTech Emphasis Strands
(10th and 11th – 2 credits in one strand required)

Robotics Engineering

Digital Publishing

Apps Engineering

– Robot Eng 1A/1B (1)
– Robot Eng. 2 (1.0)
– Robotics/Computer
Sci. Seminar (1.0)
– AP Comp.Sci. (1.0)
– Dig. Photography (.50)
– Adv. Dig. Photo (.50)
– Graphic Design (1.0)
– Digital Drawing (.50)
– Website Design (1.0)
– Journalism/Newspaper
– CHS Yearbook (1.0)
– AP Digital Photo (1.0)
– Intro Comp. Sci. (1)
– AP Comp Sci. (1.0)
– Robotics/Computer
Sci. Seminar (1.0)
– Web Design (1.0)

Fab Lab

Design Engineering


– Eng. & CADD (1.0)
– Fab lab (1.0)
– Robotics/Computer
Sci. Seminar (1.0)
– 3D Modeling / Prototyping (1.0)
– Eng. & CADD (1.0)
– Graphic Design
Communication  (1.0)
– Website Design (1.0)
– Robotics/Computer
Sci. Seminar (1.0)
– 3D Modeling / Prototyping (1.0)
– Fab Lab (1.0)
– Eng. & CADD (1.0)
– Architect Design (1)
– Fab lab (1.0)
– 3D Modeling / Prototyping (1.0)

Internships – CamTech Problem Seminar – Senior Project
(12th Grade – 0.5 credit  required, 1.0 credit possible)

  • Seniors in CamTech are required to research and solve a problem as their CHS Senior Project
  • Senior are enrolled in “Computer Tech & Independent Technology” or “Robotics CompSci Seminar”
  • Problem solution will be presented at the spring CamTech Fair
  • This problem can be related to their internship or participation in interscholastic competition
  • Senior Business-Engineering Communications will also earn English and CWI credit
  • While an internship is not required, students will be assisted in acquiring an internship or apprenticeship that may include a summer or senior year single or double early out

Upon completion of 2 or more credits in an Emphasis Strand and CamTech “Computer Tech & Independent Technology”, you qualify to walk in graduation with your CamTech Certificate of Proficiency. A few very industrious students may walk with a Double Certificate.

CamTech Sample Schedule


9th Grade

10th Grade

11th Grade

12th Grade

1st English English English Bus/Tech Comm.
2nd – elective – World History US History Bus/Tech Comm.
3rd Math Math Math Math or APCS
4th Physical Sci. Biology Chem or Phys – elective –
5th PE/Health – elective – – elective – – elective –
6th CamTech Foundations”Intro to Technology” CamTech 10 CamTech 11 – elective –
7th / Online CamTech Summer Internship CamTech” Computer Tech & Independent Technology”