Work Site Learning

What is Work Site Learning?

Work Site learning is a program that allows students that are 16 years or older to earn .5 of a credit for working 180 hours. This work needs to be related to a career and Technical Education course that they are currently enrolled in or have taken previously.

What is needed to particpate in Work Site Learning?

Students must provide a copy of their driver’s license and current proof of insurance with signed transportation consent form if they are driving themselves to work. Students also need to complete a program enrollment packet and a program orientation with the employer before work hours can be counted. NO HOURS CAN BE COUNTED BEFORE THE WORK SITE PROGRAM ORIENTATION VISIT HAS BEEN COMPLETED BY THE WORK SITE LEARNING COORDINATOR.

How are the Work Site Learning hours verified?

Work Hours must be verified though pay stubs or calendar of hours signed by student and employer at the end of each month.

Is there anything else I should know about Work Site Learning?

A training plan with measurable training goals will be developed by the coordinator, employer, and student to be completed throughout the semester. A minimum of 2 evaluations based on the student’s learning goals will be completed during the semester.

If you have any further questions feel free to contact our Work Site Coordinator, Dave Johnson at