Ali Coker Wins Green Apple Award

CHS’s Ali Coker has been named a Green Apple Award winner for Clark County! The award recognizes exceptional “green” educators in the area, all of whom will be recognized at a Feb. 22 ceremony. Ali is a Biology and Forensic Science teacher, as well as the Green Team Advisor. She was nominated by Director of Educational Resources Steve Marshall and selected for her commitment to reduce harmful environmental impacts, educate others, and give back to the community. (She’s pictured on the far left, with her students.)

Ali also had the opportunity to visit San Diego this month to attend a national conference as part of the Murdock Partners in Science Grant. She presented her summer research on how nutrients impact phytoplankton growth in the Columbia River and shared how performing that research has impacted her science classroom. In the audience were other teachers as well as professors and scientists in the field. 

Camas Gymnasts On Road To Glory

Abigail Martin, Camas High School sophomore, performs her floor routine as the CHS gymnastics team cheers her on during a meet at Northpointe Gymnastics on Friday, Jan. 12.

The Camas High School gymnastics team is earning the scores they need to start paving their route to the 4A state team competition this year, and they’re having as much fun as they can while doing it. The team has earned 177.565 points so far this season and the  highest score ever, with an eye on No. 1 spot at 2018 state competition.. Read more at the CW Post-Record

Intensity Fuels Malychewski Brothers

Camas siblings bring out the best in each other in order to help Papermakers to new heights. “We grew up with each other, and we had older brothers,” Samuel Malychewski said. “We developed that competitive attitude. I’m not holding back anything, nor is he holding back against me. Instincts take over. There are times he does something to agitate me and I’ll react. Then I do things to him and he’ll react. That’s just part of life.” Life on the wrestling mat at least. Read more here Clark County TODAY

No Longer a Mill Town

An industry that once defined the town of Camas, Washington, is coming to an end. Last month, Georgia-Pacific announced it will close most of its production at the 134-year-old paper mill.

The Camas High School auditorium is Home to the Papermakers. The school’s mascot is called the Mean Machine, an animated paper roll machine that’s a nod to the town’s paper making history. It was around 7 p.m. on a recent Thursday night. A group of students streamed past the trophy cases along the wall and joined the packed stands for the Camas High School varsity basketball team’s season opener. Parents and locals mingled and snacked on bags of popcorn, eager to cheer on a school that has come to symbolize Camas pride. This is the home of the Papermakers. Read more at OPB