Program Philosophy

tech_introThe Camas High School Technology Education Program recognizes that our students will need to possess a variety of diverse skills to best prepare them to venture out into the workforce, or on to post high school education programs. Therefore, it’s our belief that they should be exposed to and develop skills in the areas of Communication, Information Processing, Computer Applications, Construction, Manufacturing, Energy and Power, Transportation, Biotechnology, Career Opportunities, and Leadership.  The knowledge needed to apply, adapt, and utilize future technology requires life-long learning skills. To achieve this, students will need to possess skills in critical thinking, problem solving, informational gathering, cooperative learning, and become more technical and computer literate.

Students who go through an articulated technology education program will be better prepared for meeting life and career goals in our rapidly changing technological world.  As a result of the exposure to courses and curriculum, our students will be better prepared to pursue engineering, scientific, architectural, and other technical professional occupations or programs upon leaving our school system.

An idea is not good enough. You must be able to communicate the idea clearly.

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